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About us

A Metalúrgica Bakeware Production S.A. is a centenary company, whose origins go back to the finals of the 19th century (1896), and that keeps even today its familiar charisma. For more than 110 years, A Metalúrgica has been the support of the rich and varied baking industry, to start with just in Portugal and for the last 30 years all over the world.
A Metalúrgica’s mission is to overwhelm the clients’ expectations concerning product quality and replying time, showing competence and creativity in the conception and production of baking moulds and trays for bread and baking industry.
With a high level of professionalism, ethics and integrity, A Metalúrgica makes a commitment with the clients, suppliers and workers in order to achieve their full satisfaction while promoting the continuous improvement of its products and services.

Século XIX

The company was created in 1896 by the revolutionary Joaquim Moreira Pinto, with the name A Metalurgia.
He was a handicraftsman who made mostly watering cans, oil-lamps, oil-cans and also small baking moulds in tin, what marked the beginning of the production of baking moulds in Portugal.

Século XX

From the beginning of the 20th century until the 70’s, A Metalúrgica has known a period of innovation and creativity, in the hands of David Moreira Pinto (son of Joaquim) with the development of the baking moulds line.
In the late 70’s, a new generation of managers comes (Agostinho Santos [grandson in law] and Belarmino Ferreira [son in law]). They have made a revolution in the work methods and product innovation: with new ideas and technology they created an endless number of high quality baking moulds, with low prices that surprised the international markets. In the early 80’s, the company began participating in international exhibitions, which enhanced its development.
In 1995 the company moved to the current facilities. With 6.300 m2 of inner area studied with modern construction concepts and environmental care, they are located on the top of a hill and are surrounded by beautiful gardens, in a total of 25.000 m2.
The space and modernity of these facilities led the company to explore a new area of products: moulds for bread and baking industry.

Século XXI

In the 21st century, this “old lady”, A Metalúrgica, more than 100 years old, is still a family enterprise, which gives it a touch of humanism and credibility and allows it to keep its youth.
The current administration board is composed by Agostinho Santos (4th generation), Raquel Santos (5th generation) and Ana Santos (5th generation).
Facing the future, the company kept on with new technologies, more and more sophisticated and has become a partner, in the search of new solutions.

Our partners

These are some of our customers. Some of them are factories that use our products, others are partners that complement our work and others are distributors who sell our moulds to retailers. But more than customers, they are our friends! 

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